Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sew What!

It's in the Jeans or Genes...One of those two. My mother is a seamstress and master quilter.  But above that she is an artist. My Grandmothers could sew like the wind. They made girl clothing for five daughters, and barbie clothes for my dolls. So obviously I know how to sew! I can not make a boxed cake mix, but I can make you a mean set of drapes, dress, quilt or purse.  Anyway, now it's time for the next Generation.

First, modeling a house coat made by my Grandmother Metheney for my Dad, passed to Jonah and now to Phoebe. She has been wearing it every morning and after siesta, because the Diva is cold! She is concerned that there is only one pocket...she has an overflow of stuff to carry around and could really use that extra pocket Great Grandma.

Next, is Gwendolyn and her latest adventure. She has been having sewing lessons with Nana every week and has already developed the craft. Her machine was her 7th Birthday gift. We have recently discovered the Matilda Jane Clothing line for little girls. They use unique quality fabrics with prints. She has decided to make her own. Perhaps she will be an upcoming contestant on Project Runway Jr.

tomorrow will be all about the Dude...it is almost his Birthday anyway, He deserves some spotlight.

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