Friday, June 21, 2013

Question and Answer?

I must say that I have not felt compelled to write in so so long. Perhaps because at the end of the day I have already answered so many other peoples questions..that to ask myself any questions just seems down right cruel and stupid. However, it has been brought to my attention that i may need a bit more reflection in my day. In fact, not so much reflection as it would be prayer. In fact, not so much prayer as it would be me just asking God...WHAT AM I missing, Who am I, What do you want for me? I see you trying to talk to me, hitting me over the head with it...WHAT is IT?
Perhaps the only way i will figure it out is by asking and listening...the VERY things I teach my kids to do all day LONG. So here it is of the Darker yet True moments in the Cain Train Blog (check the description). Pretty sure CPS has me red flagged seeing our last 9 months of events and God is clearly trying to get it through my thick skull.  Life is NOT roses. There I said it. No matter how glorious we want it to is not. So in an effort to Pay Attention, Listen and Ask questions, I am going to commit to 15 min of reflection in the word a day. I shall report back with any Answers!
 Now all of you: Go ask someone something and see what the answer is...Perhaps someone will learn something...I hope it is me