Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Banana Camry

I have been depressed. In a funk. Lost my MOJO. 
Not the straight jacket off her meds kind of depressed, but instead more the Bobby finds the tiki idol and then buries it again for the next family to find when they visit the island on their dream Sandals Vacation type.  So I knew it would pass, but Man...While i was in it, the days drug on, the weeks seemed very stressful and i slept NONE. Finding your mojo after you've lost it on the sandy beaches of Oahu can seem impossible and I was letting myself become overwhelmed and lost in my childrens' vocabulary words all too easily. The humdrum of daily routine, the melancholy mornings. The doppio esspresso was even failing me.  Seeing Kanye all crouched down and watching people sing I assume he felt the same as I did, ducking from the hubbub, listening to the tumult but not hearing his name. I needed to shake things up BADly, but how. "Will I ever laugh again?" Thinking surly the answer would be no! But then just like that, I saw Mojo. I mean it was unmistakable and blatantly displayed for me to pick up and carry on. And so I did.  Finding that thing has brought a smile so needed and the sun feels like it is shinning once again.  So I am sure you are now dying to know where my mojo was....Oh, you know. It was in the kayak, shoved in this guys Camry driving down the street. I totally forgot i put it there. Thank You (insert Jimmy Fallon music) Banana Camry, for returning my zeal for life today. Watching as it drove past me top speed on the way to who knows where since there are NO oceans around. But the joy you have brought will carry me through. You knew exactly what it would take...but seriously, what a sense of humor. Good call, God. Good call.