Monday, October 20, 2014

the sweet tale of How Lice gave me a Tumor

Our life has been that of a dark Willy Wonka short.
The real trenches of regular life I suppose.
However, I am climbing back out on the other side, White flag still tucked firmly in my pocket.
God is good and has carried us through as He always does..but man did I realize just how much weight i needed to put on Him this past month.

Because I have very little time to waste, and also just because I can and have NO teacher breathing MLA format down my neck. I report to you in my normal list fashion, the events of the Cain Train over the past month.

1. My niece, Everly Charlotte was born and is to die for in cuteness and personality.

2. My grandmother past away and is now remembering everything she had forgotten over the last 10 years and then some. Thank you Jesus.

3. We got lice. We got rid of lice. Not to go all Martha Stewart prison on you...but if you get lice...I am the girl to talk to. I can get that shit under control in 24 hours, I have yet to sleep but we are lice free.

4. We had a most spectacular family and friend vacation to Disneyland, an annual tradition with a twist, as this year the kids got to do the Halloween scene. Costumes, Candy, HUGE Disney Hangover.

5. While at the Magic Kingdom, Gwen fell and hurt her ankle for the 3rd time in the past 18mths. She enjoyed the wheelchair for the entire disney vacation but was rather fed up by the time the following week rolled around and she still could not walk.

6. We took her to urgent care, she had a sprained ankle. But at that time, they also found a TUMOR in her bone.

7. I fell apart at the seams. Yep, COULD NOT HOLD IT TOGETHER. MOM has CRACKED UNDER THE pressure. I AM NOT IN CONTROL. Total FREAK OUT MOMENT. Don't worry I was very calm in front of the children as Mary Poppins would advise.

8. Here we are 3 weeks later, the tumor is benign, her ankle if finally getting better, and she was able to ride her horse for the first time in a long time today. So thankful for the friends, doctors, science, teachers, overall amazing people in our lives. Seriously.

9. I am NOT holding my breath for what is next

10. Surely God has prepared us.