Sunday, November 6, 2011

Call em like we See em

It has been a very busy, productive, and milestone kind of a month for the Cain Train.
The Lady has been successfully riding her bike with no training wheels for weeks now! The Dude was baptized a week ago, amazing! The Pickle is hilarious! Today something out of the ordinary happend. It was one of those times, when the words coming from your mouth have far impacted the room before the punctuation has been added to the sentence. As you all do, we have buckets of candy on top of the fridge right now (Thank You Halloween). Today at lunch was just like every other lunch this week. Down come the buckets, the kids make thier choice and then up go the buckets. Today the candy choices caused a bit of a stumble for me. Jonah is starting to ready but having a hard time sounding out so I chimed in.
Side note, we have alwaysed used correct terminology in our home for pretty much everything and try very hard not to make fun of words or things that are just the way We are All made and All do. We use this approach in hopes that life will be more honest and up front when they go out our doors and into the real world.
Today it happend, that Freudian slip that has fallen out of your mouth so fast, you can not take it back.."Reeces Penis"! I said it, there was no pause, they all died laughing, including Justin and myself (with my head burried of course).
I would advise you all to remove those candies from your buckets to avoid any ridiculous lunch chatter.
The End