Saturday, September 17, 2011

Everythings coming up Roses

I am the lucky one that gets to "see it all" and just when I think I have, I take a trip to Walmart or ride the light rail down to the Veterans Day parade. Why just yesterday I had seen more stuff by 9 am then most see in a week. The George Brazil Blimp landed in our back yard, the Sheriff's regular crew of Chain Gangs was working down by the canal, and Kevin Spacey was shaving on his way to work. All that before coffee, Wow. I do enjoy free entertainment...people are FUNNY!
My life is funny, hilarious actually!
Let me show you what I visualize my life looking like.
There I am, actually ready for a hard day at work down at the reclaimed wood factory. Selecting the most beautiful wood to be turned into my new kitchen floors.
And here is my friend, she has the day off and is walking her dog (shedless, poopless, never eats dog) through the woods on her way to meet me and look at my new floors.

insert screeching hault.
Remember my life is FUNNY.  So here is what this week acutally looked like. Now don't be judgemental, we've all laughed before...It's okay to now. I did, and then I kissed them.


Megan said...

You are funny, Jen. I love you. I can hear your voice as you recount your thoughts in this post.

Feed My Design said...

I love this...monkies!